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Rick Wimberly is a voice, on-camera and stage actor known for a look and deep voice that brim with credibility, charm and comfort...and whimsy here and there. He's called The Grandude, partly because of his repertoire of experiences that help him connect to scripts for older fellows. (Plus, that's what his grandkids call him.)


  • Grandfather in touching short on baseball cards

  • Voice in feature film streaming on Amazon Prime

  • Down-on-his luck guy for feature

  • "Authentic" southern accent for 17-hour audiobook

  • English language voice for characters in Portuguese soap opera

  • Mysterious grandfather for highly-rated "scary story" podcast

  • Homeless gentleman with sense of humor for short film

  • Town's wise, old, story-telling minister for touring musical

  • Voice of turn-of-the-century founder of diving gear company

                                                                       Voice                                                                                                                           VIDEO

Rick Wimberly Rugged
Grandude Narration Storytelling
Commercial Demo


although not on a first name basis

Rick Wimberly believes performance is like playing music.

You first learn how to play the notes.

Then you learn to feel the notes.

Only then can you really play.



Rick Wimberly has been talking into a microphone and on stage, for one reason or another, since he was 15.

(He sounded old even then.)


During this time, when values matter most,

Grandude's voice and look tell stories that carry folks on a journey,

Rick Chess Latte Filter (2).png


Rick Wimberly has earned his Grandude nickname through a life of journeys, all contributing to his voice and look - a cocktail of empathy, richness, and a bit of whimsy. 

has met five US presidents

although not on a first name basis

although he's 

not on first name basis

rode on the back of a police motorcycle with Wolfman Jack

ok, they were just sitting on it

ok, they were just sitting on it

co-wrote the outreach plan for the nationwide alert system

yes, the one that wakes you up at night.

yes, the one that wakes you up at night

son believes he was in the CIA

he probably wasn't buying into the pepper spray salesperson cover...

anchored TV news on a station with one of the highest market shares in the country

although not on a first name basis

at 25 years old

co-wrote a book about seven myths

...of selling to government

(only $11.95 on Ama)

...on selling to government

hung onto a capsized boat in cold waters for 24 hours before rescue

 by the Coast Guard

even made CNN

(it was a slow news day)

Even made CNN.

(It must have been a slow news day)

travelled the world promoting pepper spray as a non-lethal weapon

was "accidentally" sprayed, several times

was  sprayed  

multiple times



Rick Wimberly has been telling stories for over fifty years. He's been heard on radio throughout the US and TV regionally.

In addition, he's recently added podcasts, feature film and a live stage musical to his resume.

Some of the projects he's worked on recently include: 



Connect with Rick. 

Or, let's Zoom and get to know each other.

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